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Brands that I stand by!

The following is a list of brands that I personally support and use in my regular daily life. Each link has a code to get you some kind of discount on those brands websites/products. It is my hope that you find as much value out of these items as I have over the years! 

"TAILORED" for 10% off the Best low histamine,  Halal Lamb, Goat & Veal 

15% off Equip Protein Powder! 

"TAILOREDKETO" for 10% off Carnivore Crisps! 

"TAILORED10" for 10% off Aussie Trace 

"TAILORED" at checkout for 5% off

"Tailored" for 10% off Purity Coffee

"tailoredketohealth10" for 10% off

"Tailored" for 10% off

"Tailored" for 10% off my fav glucose & ketone monitor! 

"TAILOREDKETO10" for 10%


"rebekah10" for 10% off

"Tailored" for 15% off Santa Cruz Medicinals

Tallow for your skin!

"Rebekah20" for 20% off

"TAILORED" for 10% off the Best low histamine,  

Halal Lamb, Goat & Veal 

Use  discount code 'Tailored' for 10% off Redmond Products

"Tailored" for 10% off KOZE Red Light Therapy 

"tailored15" for 15% off Keto Rubs! 

"Tailored" for 10% off Perfect Keto ketovore-goodies 

"Tailored" for 20% off Arboleaf Massage Gun 

"TAILORED" for 10% off

"TAILORED" for $10 Osso Good Co. Bone Broth

"tailored10" for 10% off

"KETOHEALTH" for 20% off

"Tailored" for 10% off  Bluelight Blocking Glasses & Red Light Therapy 

"tailoredketo10" at checkout for $10 off Jigsaw 

Health Products! 

My favorite hot cocoa flavored sleep powder!

Discount code "Tailored" for $50 off your Lumen device!

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