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Tailored Keto Health

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Meet Rebekah Heishman

Rebekah Heishman is a health & life coach with a keen eye for maximizing the nutritional value in any way of eating. Since she was young, she has had a passion for health, nature, fitness, and holistic nutrition/ food as medicine. She has overcome Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic CDiff, over 10 autoimmune diseases along with osteoporosis, costochondritis, and degenerative disc (which she was diagnosed with in 6th and 7th grade), OCD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Narcolepsy, and a myriad of digestive issues such as gastroparesis, IBS, IBD, slow transit colon, Celiac and diverticulitis. She overcame all of it in the span of only a few years and found food freedom through proper bio individual nutrition and Faith. She has since directed her practice toward walking alongside others who are on their own healing journeys.

My Journey

Health & Life Coaching

No two people are identical... so no two programs should be either.

Whether you're struggling to lose weight or want to heal from a chronic condition like CDiff, Lyme Disease, digestive issues, mood disorders, or autoimmunity...

Proper nutrition is an essential component of true health. We will target your bio individual needs to not only support healing, but sustainability and food freedom. With regular sessions and unlimited check-ins, we can ensure to identify what works best for you.

Food as Medicine

Once Upon a Time I took a handful of expensive supplements every single day. When we remove the interference and provide a proper Foundation that includes food as medicine, the body will heal and thrive.

NO "quick fixes"

Whether you are competing at high intensity levels, or simply finding gentle movement as medicine we will work together so you understand how to fuel yourself properly and achieve your goals.

At times it may feel rough, but it is during these trying times that we become more resilient! You will have my support 100% of the way and together we will create a new system and lifestyle that is sustainable, long-term Optimal Health.

Behavioral Changes

Rarely is there a formula we can follow for all of our problems to resolve. We will work together to address what may be holding you back. We will displace harmful behaviors, thought processes and work to create new and healthy ones that will set you up for success.

“The tongue has the power of life and death.” Proverbs 18:21

Light Green Leaf
Light Green Leaf

Bio-individual Nutrition

Pink Flower

Carnivore works best for me now. No one diet fits all. What works best for you now is likely to change. My goal is to help you identify a sustainable, healing way to eat. I will help you develop the intuition and understanding to last your lifetime.

Unlimited Coaching

Beyond the weekly 1 hour check in, I am available to you via text, email, or a simple request to hop on the phone and I make every effort to make myself available to you whenever needed. I am truly here to walk alongside you and support you in any and every way.

What Others Have to Say!


Please know I believe everyword that follows to be true.

My testimonial. I have never had the pleasure of meeting anyone like Rebekah. The profound affect she has had on my health and overall wellbeing in the short time I have known her has been amazing. From the moment we first connected she was supportive and understanding. She worked diligently to understand me and my needs. She adapted her style in order to communicate and work with me in a way that I would best respond to. Rebekah came in person and literally held my hand as she walked through several stores with me teaching me how to read and understand labels. She taught me what eating keto was really all about and how to adapt it as a lifestyle choice in order to ensure success. Rebekah also cooked several meals for me and taught me how to make quick and easy meals to crush my cravings and stay on track. She recommended several key kitchen appliances i did not have that really changed the game for me. She is patient and caring. My busy schedule in real estate meant i missed some coaching calls or her various followup calls and she did not get upset. She always checked on me and provided me the accountability i needed that has whole heartedly been the number 1 reason i have lost 30 pounds in 2 months by just simply following her instructions. Thanks to her I feel confident when i read food labels, i know how to make the best choices when eating out, and i know how to replace my cravings with healthy alternatives. She helped me kick my coffee and energy drink addiction. She is wonderful and i look forward to continueing to work with her. If you are thinking of changing your life, your diet, the way you look, and how you feel, just call Rebekah.


- George Roa

But Wait There's More!

We also host Tailored Keto Health Retreats Twice a Year!
Checkout our last couple events and don't miss out on booking your spot at the next!

These retreats are the complete package (minus travel to location) and include lodging at various resort type Airbnb's throughout the country as well as being packed with delicious food, cooking, teaching and an assortment of special guests!

A Tailored Keto Health Retreat is the perfect place to meet friends, build community, eat delicious food and gain life changing education. We promise that no matter where you may in your health journey, these retreats are a safe place to grow, learn and meet others doing the same!

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